Sunday, March 3, 2013

looking back over last month's photographs
seeking a photo-heart connection

 it's hard to select just one

i love

the delicate curves of tree branches

trees, silhouetted against the late afternoon sky

tiny young trees
by sturdy big trees 
that have learned to survive the harsh winters 

big skies and wide open spaces

and winter's late afternoon light

but finally, I choose
this one

a photograph taken at my favourite late afternoon time,
in one of my favourite places
in this city that I love

the strong dark branches of the trees 
contrasting with the pure white snow
silhouetted against the milky blue sky
and the weak light of the late afternoon sun

it's a quiet time
wide open space
no others around

i can be
as i explore
and breathe in
the beauty of this place


  1. I scrolled down your first photographs to discover the one you had chosen for your photo-heart connection. I agree that late afternoon is a wonderful time to be outside to enjoy nature. The tree silhouettes look so beautiful against the blue of the sky and I see a friendly bench behind a tree in the background! What a lovely place to be!

  2. Wow, beautiful all of them but oh how the 2nd one pulled on me and begged me to walk to it. just beautiful.

  3. Oh boy! You are a photographer after my own heart! I like the top one best with the red and the curves ... Of course the bottom one is wonderful, too! I see we both love trees--especially the skeletal views in winter. Cheers!

  4. Oh... those are wonderful photos, love them all. Beautiful text and photo-heart connection

  5. Winter has its own magic for photos and you have certainly captured it!